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In a constant effort to improve the quality of care for our patients Dr. Clark is continually evaluating the latest technological advances in dentistry.   After careful evaluation Dr. Clark now utilizes the Comfort Control Syringe (CCS) system for the administration of anesthesia. 

The CCS delivery system is the most up to date and effective technology for the administration of anesthesia.  Unlike a manual delivery system the CCS electronic pre-programmed device gives a two-stage delivery rate for the flow of anesthetic.   The initial delivery of anesthetic is at an extremely slow rate.  This counters the initial discomfort associated with the administration of anesthesia.  Prior to the use of the CCS, the initial discomfort experienced by patients has been from “pressure distension”.  Pressure distension results from tissue expansion from the liquid anesthetic.  In less than 10 seconds even a small amount of anesthetic will numb the tissue.    Because the anesthetic is administered in very small amounts and at very low rates, pressure distension does not cause the discomfort normally associated with the administration of anesthesia.  After 10 seconds the pre-programmed delivers an increased flow of anesthetic giving you a comfortable experience in our office.

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